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A Unicorn on a Unicycle

A unicorn, animals driving cars, and fireworks! Counting numbers is a ton of razzle-dazzle fun for everyone!



Toad or Frog? Swamp or Bog? A Big Book of Nature’s Confusables

"There are loads of information in this colorful picture book that points out the distinguishing features of many commonly confused animals, plants, and weather conditions.  An enjoyable way to set the record straight." –School Library Journal


Cookie’s Fortune

In spare, lyrical text and touching illustrations, this small book takes us on a journey into compassion.  Young animal lovers will be on the edge of their seats until they experience Cookie's ultimate good fortune.

KokoCat Inside and Out

"A solid informational title on pet care for young cat lovers. Lane's beautiful, bright watercolors depict an amazing array of emotions on the face of the realistic protagonist. The afterword . . . only serves to make this an even more valuable title." Kirkus Reviews

The Animals' Winter Sleep

Winner: Delaware Diamonds State Reading Book Award


This delightful picture book explores how a variety of North American animals spend their winter nights. The text on the double-page spreads is complemented by the additional information, which can be found at the back of the book.  Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews